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We are a small in house cageless TICA registered cattery located just north of Kingston, Ontario and adhere to the Breeders Code of Ethics. Iconic Bengals has meticulously selected the finest Bengal Cat champion lineages worldwide to ensure the best representation of the exotic and beautiful Bengal Cat today.




We are committed and focused first and foremost, on quality versus quantity, health, temperament, large bold striking exotic patterning on clear glittered pelts, wild heads and strong body structure.






We have a huge passion and love for our Bengals and they are raised in our home with us as treasured family members, ensuring a happy, healthy, socialized and well balanced environment for our beloved Bengals.







Our guarantee and commitment to our customers, is to exceed all your expectations in delivering the finest in health, temperament and bold exotic coat patterns.

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Graham And Sheila Riley 416-712-6154 Godfrey, Ontario iconicbengals@gmail.com

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