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Our names are Graham and Sheila Riley. We both have spent a lifetime in pursuing our passion and love for nature and animals. Last year, we decided to pursue our dream and passion in breeding the beautiful Bengal, and have carefully selected our founding Bengals from world class breeders, offering the finest in quality and champion lineages. We are dedicated to breeding only the finest, and hope to make a contribution to the evolution of the Bengal breed in the years to come! We recently purchased a beautiful 6 acre property and house surrounded in nature to accommodate our love for nature and our beloved Bengals. All our Bengals will be socialized with our beautiful dog, Star, whom absolutely loves to play with her Bengal friends.








We care about the health and well being of our animals and no expense has been spared when it comes to their health and happiness. All our Bengals have been tested negative for parasites and disease, including giardia, coccidiosis, tritrichomonas and FIV/FELV.



Our Bengals are fed high quality holistic food, including fresh cooked meat. Our breeding animals have been selected from HCM negative parents and we plan on have our breeding cats tested annually for HCM once they are old enough. All our breeding cats have been tested for PK and PRA.









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Graham And Sheila Riley 416-712-6154 Godfrey, Ontario iconicbengals@gmail.com

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